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Find your scent.

Scents are personal and all of our candles have a meaning. Here's a quick reference guide to help you find yours.

If you like this scent...

You'll love Light: our Grapefruit + Lemongrass scented candle.

A prayer candle. The daily ritual you need to help you find hope and courage, even in your darkest moments.

You'll love Calm: our Sea Salt + Bamboo Coconut Candle

When you are in a space of needing or wanting serenity, peace, quiet and that everlasting feeling of a relaxed summer vacation.

You'll love Home: our Vanilla + Lavender scented candle.

The everyday candle when you want to feel as if your house is clean, fresh, comforting and safe.

You'll love Believe: our Fig + Currant scented candle.

Life challenges are inevitable and there are times when you just don’t think you will get through it. But life is about daily choices that get you through the ups and down. Belief in yourself is key.

You'll love Confident: our Brandied Pear + Lilac scented candle.

Never letting your ego or perfectionism get in the way of achieving your goals.

You'll also love Unforgettable: our Passion Fruit + Plumeria scented candle.

We were not meant to be generic, mediocre and most of all we are not meant to be forgettable. We all hold passions and desires within ourselves that need to be released in this world.

You'll love Mello: our Hemp + Pear Nectar scented candle.

When you truly want to settle in, relax and chill out.

You'll love New Day: our Coffee + Vanilla Scented Candle.

For the days you need an extra dose of wake me  up and know that each day is a blessing.

You'll love Gratitude: our Sandalwood + Vanilla scented candle.

The key to life is living in gratitude for what you already have. Once you can be in that mindset, abundance flows in.

You'll love Bold: Cedarwood + Neroli scented candle.

Stuck in a place of fear or can’t seem to take the step in your dreams and desire a push towards your dreams and goals.

You'll love Rest: our Lavender + Oakmoss scented candle.

Life can be so overwhelming and rest is vital to our bodies. In fact  in the rest where we find the more creative part of ourselves.

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Hi, I’m Diana. Lighting candles is what literally gave me the courage to finally be myself.

I didn’t set out to launch a candle company. 

After 13 years in remission, my cancer returned in 2018–I found out a week before my 40th birthday. 

Each night, I’d write a prayer on a small piece of paper, and tuck it under the base of a candle, with the belief that the Universe would hear my prayer and bless my life. 

Lighting those candles gave me comfort and peace during some of my darkest hours. Even though so much of my future felt uncertain, the flame helped me come back to what was important, and reminded me that there is truly a light at the end of the tunnel.

It was in 2020 – at the beginning of the pandemic – that I had the idea of a candle company. Three weeks into the pandemic I had to get a CT scan to ensure that I was still in remission, and when I lit my candle that morning, I knew that whatever the result would be, I would have the courage and comfort to get through it.

I realized I’d found my calling – that I was put on this earth to create candles that bring hope to others, that empower people, that remind someone of who they really are.  

And – armed with a certificate in organic skincare formulation –  I was determined to make candles that uplifted people’s senses with beautiful aromas… without any harmful chemicals. 

Today I pour and pack every single Never Alone Candle by hand to ensure you’re burning the highest quality all-natural candle available. No matter how much this company grows, the candles will always come from human hands because when I ship you a candle, I ship you a part of my heart, too. 

After a long day at work or caregiving, I believe you deserve a self-care ritual that takes you to a place that feels like cozy heaven.  And you deserve to know that no matter what challenges you face in life, you aren’t alone. You can always be relit.

Diana Mendoza

CEO/Founder, Never Alone Candles