my story


I started melting, mixing and pouring Never Alone Candles™ right at the start of the pandemic to spread optimism, love, comfort and connection. My life journey has brought me to my knees like when I was fighting the battle against Breast Cancer, but the light of a candle has always given me hope that I was never alone in any of my battles. My candles are exclusively hand poured by me in small batches. Each candle is made with paraben-free luxurious coconut wax, unique phthalate-free fragrances and crackling wooden wicks. Every part of the candle is complaint to Prop 65 as the health of each customer is essential. I will never use dyes in my candles nor will any of my candles be tested on animals.  More importantly, Never Alone Candles™ is a business with compassion. I stand firm in my commitment to serve and spread light to those in the Breast Cancer community that have been diagnosed under the age of 40. Five percent of every sale will be donated to the Young Survivors Coalition every month. 
Love and Light,
Diana Mendoza