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Sandalwood + Vanilla Scented Candle

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Feeling grateful and being grateful are vital to the human experience and it's a choice we each have. Life is a chain of thousands of tiny miracles.  

The aroma of Gratitude is soft, unique, luxurious and universal. The warmth and richness of sandalwood is weaved in sweetness of vanilla and ends with a hint of tangy bergamot.

Burn this non-toxic, coconut wax candle for a moment of pause, reflection and grace. Take step back and look at all the beauty that surrounds you.

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Profile: warm, musky, woodsy

TOP NOTE: Bergamont


BOTTOM NOTE: Sandalwood

Top note is the first scent impression, middle note is what lingers, and bottom note is the final aroma it leaves you with.  

100% all-natural and free from phthalates and paraffin, so you won’t ever get an awful headache or disrupt your hormones.

Hand poured with luxe coconut wax and gorgeous fragrance oil blends guaranteed to fill every room of your home with a subtle, calming smell. 

Cozy, crackling wood wick burns for longer (40+ hours) than most of those toxic, chemical-filled discount department store candles.  

Every candle is cured for 10 days for unforgettable scents that don’t fade. If a scent doesn’t fill every room of our own home with a truly distinctive aroma, it doesn’t make the cut. 

Minimalist white candle and jar design fits into every home style, making for easy gift giving.

Distinctively packaged with a unique message on each candle’s box. (See “Every Candle has a Story”).

Handmade with love in the U.S.A(including all candle ingredients – from the coconut wax to the fragrance oils).

As uplifting as they smell, our candles are also designed with a purpose – to bring positive meaning and inspiration to your life, no matter what challenges you face. Distinctively packaged with a unique message on each candle’s box.


Each day choose the life you desire. A life of fulfillment and peace. Live by giving thanks. Thank the sweet nothings around you. Thank the trees for breathing life. Thank the ground for stability. Thank yourself for how far you have come.Look through the keyhole ofgratitude, and the world is yours.

Candles have memories, too.  

Just like that scent that sparks a special memory in us, a candle remembers how long it’s been burned and shapes itself to that burn time, especially its first burn.

Prevent tunneling and extend the life of your candle by following these burning guidelines:

1st burn:minimum of 2 hours

Other burns: minimum of 2-4 hours 

When you follow these guidelines, your candle will last for a minimum of 40 hours, delivering a potent-but-headache-free aroma right down to the last light. 

Keep your candle wicks clean and trimmedwith our gorgeous gold candle wick cutter.

Volume:8 ounces 

Burn time: 40-50 hours

Dimensions:(3.25 by 3.5)

Wax: coconut

Fragrance:premium-quality fragrance oils (phthalates-free, paraben-free)

Wick:100% wood

Source:Eco-friendly, made and hand-poured in small batches in Southern California. Wax and fragrance 100% Made in America. 

Shipments arrive in a beautifully packaged, protective external box with inspiring messages on every panel.

Our white glass candle jars are carefully cleaned by hand (because no one wants to give or get dirty candle jars) and stored in a sturdy, protective internal box.

Ships within 48-72 hours – tracking number provided by email.

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